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Cereal Package design is one of the largest package design industries in the world.
Consider all of the characters and colorful designs you see when you walk down the cereal isle in the supermarket.
These designs and characters often make or break the sale of the product more than the actual taste!
Students will create a design for any food or cereal that comes in a box.

The package design can be for a product of their creation.

Objective (Students will learn)
  • How to create a 3D package design
  • How to use a spokesperson/character within a design
  • Techniques for creating a design for a specific target audience
  • Color Harmony techniques
  • Using a catch phrase with a spokesperson

Specifications (Use the Cereal Box template)
Photoshop / 200 dpi / RGB color

Your Design must include:
  • Cereal Name
  • Mascot/Spokesperson
  • Catch Phrase or slogan (They’re Great!, Breakfast of Champions)
  • Nutritional Information *
  • Company Brand Name & Logo and UPC code*

Extra credit (3 points) if you:
Choose a color harmony of 3 colors using the color wheel!6a00d834518cc969e201348338b093970c-320wi.jpg

* Do an internet search for these images

Process – work the problem!

  1. Develop a name and theme for your cereal
    Who would eat your cereal?
    Who is the target audience?
    Consider the images and designs that would attract that age group.
    The younger the audience, the more colorful and less detail.
  2. Thumbnails
    Begin sketching composition ideas for the overall design
  3. Main Text Design
    Choose a font and style for the name of your cereal. Explore the styles Photoshop has to offer (window>styles). Pay close attention to the colors being used.

  4. Spokesperson/Character
    Choose a famous spokesperson (or illustrate your own!) for your cereal.
    Keep your target audience in mind.
  5. Color Harmony
    Look at a color wheel – choose your color scheme based on the name of your cereal and it’s target audience. Limiting your colors will pull the entire design together.

  6. Design!

Design Tips
  • Use one of your color choices for the entire design background
  • For the front design use big, bold and simple images to grab our attention
  • For the back design, show us the food, and create a design for the target audience – consider games, nutritional information, or something related to the theme of your cereal.
  • Put the nutritional information on one side, and the upc code on the bottom flap,
  • along with the cereal’s name and distributor’s logo (Kellogg’s, General Mills, Etc)
  • Use bright colors for younger audiences, earthy tones for older audiences.

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