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With new technologies making it easier, and cost efficient, musical artists of all styles are creating CD’s to easily spread their music to a wider audience. Even many downloaded songs still provide a visual “CD cover design” to show along the music.

CD cover design is often considered a visual representation of the music itself – or at the very least, the design is trying to capture the tone, attitude and style of the artists themselves.

CD design is here to stay!


Students will design a 2-sided CD cover booklet for a musical group, comedian, musical or any other group that would use a CD to share their works.

Either choose to re-design any existing design
for any musician or musical group, or create your own design.
crimsonking.jpgConsider any style of music or entertainment that would use a CD – such as Musicals, Soundtracks or Comedians.

Your goal is to capture the style and attitude of the musical artist.

Objectives (students will learn)
  • CD cover design formats
  • CD specifications and copyright info.
  • Designing to a target audience
  • Capturing tone, style and attitude in design

Format: Use the CD cover template
(You will need two templates for the CD cover booklet.)
*Open in Photoshop and change the resolution to 200 dpi

Additional information:
Check out this PDF for additional info that needs to appear within the design. greenday.jpg

  1. Choose the CD which you plan to re-design

  2. Collect Client Information
    Type out the information details you will need to have
    within the design – see above
  3. Brainstorm!
    Think about your design ideas first – start collecting images that best illustrate the style or tone you wish to communicate.
    Begin considering font choices for the design.Try to choose no more than three different font styles to use throughout the design.

  4. Thumbnails
    Sketch out plans for the design first – this will guarantee a better design and an easier process.

  5. Start Designing!

Support Your Local Musicians (and artists!)sgtpeppers.jpg

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