Advertising Design


Students will create an advertisement for an object that they own and use. Using digital photography, drawings and any other digitized media, create an interesting and compelling ad that moves a person into action. Use humor; build a narrative within the picture, make us think about the object and how our lives will be better when we own it.

The design must include;

  1. Image:
    Any image, drawn, photographed,
    or taken from the internet.
  2. Text: A Headline
    A short sentence that hooks the viewer into the design.
  3. Logo: Product/Cause Logo and Identity
    This is the company “Branding” which identifies the owner of the ad or message.6a01127953797128a40120a5e9fc1f970c-800wi.jpg


  1. Research examples of Advertising design from the links on the wiki, and from print magazines. Choose an object that you use and enjoy, or a cause you want to bring attention to, and begin brainstorming headline ideas with a partner in class.
  2. Complete the “Writing Ad Lines” worksheet to create a headline.
  3. Create at least 3 thumbnail sketches exploring different concepts, color harmony and composition.
    Use the composition worksheet and the color wheel as guides. Finalize the Headline and sub-head.
  4. Start collecting images using a digital camera or scanner (and the internet).
  5. Create the design in Photoshop
    Specifications: 6 x 8 (or 8 x 6) | 200 resolution | Save as Photoshop PDF



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